UK Tier 2 General Visa

The UK Tier 2 visa transmits skilled workers coming to the UK to take up employment. The objective here is to ensure the best of the skills are made available to UK business. To apply for this UK Tier 2 Work visa you must have a job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer.

A UK Tier 2 General visa is a points-based category. Points are awarded for the following:

  • Qualifications
  • Future expected earnings
  • Sponsorship
  • English language skills
  • Available maintenance (funds)

There are three main steps involved in lodging an application for a UK Tier 2 visa:

Step 1: Sponsorship licence.

Step 2: Certificate of sponsorship.

Step 3: Applying for the UK Tier 2 General work visa

How can we help?

We have a dedicated Team ready to assist you for your sponsor licence application. We are known for our personalised services. Our local teams of professionals maintain constant contact with local agencies to help you understand and ease the process.

Tier 2(Intra Company Transfer) Visa

An ICT visa allows a candidate to transfer to the UK from an overseas branch of a UK company in order to embark on a specific project. You may attain the Tier 2 ICT visa if your overseas employer has offered you a job in a UK branch of the establishment and you meet the other eligibility requirements.

We can help you with 3 different kinds of visa, long term, short term and Trainee visa based on your requirements. Each has a specified criterion of salary and qualification which need to be adhered to. A combination of these visas can help you address your specific requirements to meet your specific objective.

How can we help?

Our years of experience and dedicated team helps you in acquiring an ICT licence from the UK authorities. We can also help in planning, documenting, implementing and managing ICT policy with-in the company to ensure compliances and reduce overheads.

Sole Representative Visa

A sole representative would be a probable tool for you to spread your business in UK. It enables a candidate of an overseas company, targeting on setting up a UK branch or even a wholly owned subsidiary for his overseas parent company as he would be a person owning extensive knowledge and industry experience. This visa category allows a senior manager with operational supremacy to grant permission to set up operations in the UK.

We understand the annoyance of this process. Our representatives can help you seamlessly send your SOLE REPRESENTATIVE to start off your operations in UK. The visa is also applicable for workforce of an overseas newspaper, news agency and broadcasting administration that are posted on a long term assignment to the UK.

How can we help?

We understand the annoyance of this process. Our representatives can help you seamlessly send your SOLE REPRESENTATIVE to start off your operations in UK. We can also help you with your initial legal and registration formalities.

Settlement and Citizenship

If you have lived in UK for long you could be eligible for PR or Citizenship. If you have stayed in UK for a period of 5 years and desire of a citizenship, we can be of your help. Our professional counselling and process driven service can point you in the right direction, by helping you with your forms, documents and filing to fulfil your dreams.

Who can apply for a citizenship?

One may apply for citizenship if he is over 18 years and has been living in the UK for the past 5 years. (Or three years if he is married to a civil partner or a British citizen), along with no criminal record for at least in the last 10 years is eligible for naturalisation as a British citizen.

The process of Citizenship can be complex let our expert representatives make it a happy experience for you.

How can we help?

Citizenship can be a complicated issue. It required strict adherence to rules, documentations and checks. We can help you in planning and coordinating the same. Our experience and expertise goes a long way in easing the process.

Investor Entrepreneur

UK being the financial capital of the world, provides for the best opportunities for entrepreneurs and makes it just the ideal place to start their career and to achieve success at a quick pace. This kind of visa best suits the candidates who are graduates and are willing to opt for business supported with their genuine business ideas that are also credible.

This is also the apt route for established or growing businesses to spread their wings in UK. If you wish to spread your businesses in UK or start a business in UK we are here to provide every help you may need.

How can we help?

Talk to us to for both benefits of shifting your business to UK and enjoy the ease of doing so. This visa enables entrepreneurs either budding or established to benefit for UK.

Same Day Visa Service

WPV also provides same day visa service for migrants to get their visa approved in 1 day. This service can be availed to all those candidates who may have applied for any of the visa categories of the UK and obtain a conclusion on the very same day. Here at WPV, we support you right from the beginning to the end of the procedure of this service and make sure to book a same day appointment and have a serene procedure.

How can we help?

We help you with documentation and fix an appointment with the relevant authorities. We brief you on the entire process and walk you through the complete process.