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Global Immigration Consultancy

WORK PERMIT VISAS (WPV) is a UK & Malaysia Immigration Consultancy that was found with the intent of providing Immigration and job-placement services in the UK and Malaysia for Indians. At WPV, we provide visa and assistance for not only those who wish to migrate but also for all the eligible candidates who dreamt of working or setting up their business in both UK and Malaysia.

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UK Immigration

UK is a wide mix of cultures. It is a land of endless opportunities for all as it is a business hub. It provides for an admirable lifestyle and a number of other benefits like health benefits, educational benefits, etc. It is not only the monetary benefit that attracts people but also the fact that UK has many green areas, including beautiful parks, gardens and public footpaths.

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Malaysia Immigration

Malaysia has recently been ranked as the top 6th country in the world as the easiest and most friendly country in carrying out business activities. Malaysia is a quite soothing, sound and stable country. An expatriate�s shift would majorly depend on the stability of the country. To them, the cost of living and the property prices in Malaysia is comparatively lower than in Europe and the United States.

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